Guru Rinpoche

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DudjomTersar_protection amulet


2 Responses to Visuals

  1. Raena says:

    Please disclose the meaning of this jackalope. (Also, I was unaware that jackalopes can be so large in stature…)

    • dzogchenradius says:

      Even though all schools of Buddhist philosophy hold the view that all phenomena are ultimately unreal, in the syllogistic arguments of classical Buddhist epistemology it is, nevertheless, considered erroneous to reference something that is clearly non-existent within an argument about the nature of existence. A classical example of such are the “horns of a rabbit”, in contra-distinction to the “ears of a rabbit”. In dzogchen, the view is imminentist/existential and so, mostly but not completely in jest, the reference of a rabbit with horns might not be so erroneous. In the interest of liberating this concept from both its philosophical and Buddhist/parochial context, consider the following joke: A modern liberal Jewish family sends their son, Josh, to the local Catholic school which is academically acclaimed. The school, in deference to his heritage, offers him the choice of attending an ethics class instead of the normally required religion class. Josh asks his father about this option and, after some consideration, Josh’s father says, “It won’t hurt you to hear what the Catholics think. Take the religion class.” So, the next day, Josh comes home from school thoroughly flummoxed. “How did it go today?”, Josh’s father inquires. “I learned that God is the creator of all things and that He is a trinity.” “A trinity???”, the father replied with a hint of contempt. Placing a hand firmly upon Josh’s shoulder, the father admonished, “Josh, my son, we are Jewish and so, there is only one God. However … we don’t believe in Him.”

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