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A Single Plait of Spacious Weave

Limitless undefinable spaciousness, consummate autonomic clarity and perpetually radiant wholesomeness are concepts used in Dzogchen teachings. These three concepts, each having multiple layers of meaning, are used in amalgam as a holistic view of objective reality. However, Dzogchen teachings are … Continue reading

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The Navamsa of Entelechy — part 3

The third aspect of ultimate reality, which can be experienced as the perpetually timeless unfolding of our own potential, is termed Tuje (thugs-rje) in Tibetan. Our own potential, an already perfected primordial potential, unfolds in the context of itself. This is because … Continue reading

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The Navamsa of Entelechy — part 2

“Tso kye gyal wai ten pa gye gyur chig” The second aspect of our discussion of ultimate reality is designated in Tibetan by the term, rang zhin (rang-bzhin). Perhaps more than any other technical term in the Dzogchen lexicon, rang zhin simply … Continue reading

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