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Mistaken Identity

With even a small degree of observation it appears obvious that people share a common, compulsive and insidious tendency to socialize. The sensitive observer will perhaps also notice that churches, synagogues, ashrams, yoga studios and dharma centers seem to be … Continue reading

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Brass Tacks for a Celestine Canopy

Buddha taught that the proximal causes of suffering are karma and klesha. Karma is the relation between actions and their effects. According to the Buddhist Mahayana it is our intention that determines the character of the effects of our actions. … Continue reading

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Rendirse a Duende o Morir Estúpido

Spiritual work is the quest for the realization of consummate primordial wholeness. That is to say, to not be realized is to seem to be not-whole, fragmented or, worse than simply fragmented … missing a few pieces. Many people may … Continue reading

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          (Please read the following with an Irish brogue) 10:30AM Kevin the Bartender:  “Hey, Michael!  How are ya?  What’ll it be?” Michael:  “Mornin’, Kevin.  I’ll ‘ave three shots of Jameson and three beers.”

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Who is Aware of What?

I If you were just standing around, let’s say perhaps on a street corner waiting for the cross-light and suddenly,  without warning your head was totally and cleanly severed off by a skillful and unseen ninja, would “you” drop with … Continue reading

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