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Academic Limits

There are fundamentally three factors which act together in the actuality of something. The first two factors must interact in opposition while the third mediates. This is like the principle of a sailboat. The wind and the resistance of the … Continue reading

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Brass Tacks for a Celestine Canopy

Buddha taught that the proximal causes of suffering are karma and klesha. Karma is the relation between actions and their effects. According to the Buddhist Mahayana it is our intention that determines the character of the effects of our actions. … Continue reading

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The Function of Vows

After Alexander’s warring days were done he took a solemn vow to bring only happiness to the people of the world. Hippocrates was not impressed. Unlike most spiritual systems, the Dzogchen approach does not require nor is supported by the … Continue reading

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The Navamsa of Entelechy — part 1

From the uninterrupted stream of inconceivable truth, the unique humanity of self-knowledge is epitomized by the glorious Pema Gyalpo, whose actual voice literally speaks through the breath and larynx of the supreme master of synthetic wisdom, Chogyal Namkhai Norbu. I … Continue reading

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about that straw-into-gold project …

You have a secret name.  It’s not that the name is being kept secret in order to conceal your true identity – it’s secret because the pronunciation and meaning of that name does not correspond to ordinary language.  It’s easier … Continue reading

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Shrink Rap

The courtship between clinical psychology and Buddhism officially began in September of 1893 at The World Parliament of Religions, convened in the building that is now the Art Institute of Chicago.  The World Parliament of Religions was organized as part … Continue reading

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