(Please read the following with an Irish brogue)


Kevin the Bartender:  “Hey, Michael!  How are ya?  What’ll it be?”

Michael:  “Mornin’, Kevin.  I’ll ‘ave three shots of Jameson and three beers.”


Kevin the Bartender:  “Well said!  Here y’are.”


Kevin the Bartender:  “Hey, Michael!  Good to see ya again, lad.  What’ll ya ‘ave?”

Michael:  “If ya’d be s’kind, I’ll ‘ave three shots of Jameson and three beers.”

Kevin the Bartender:  “As ya wish.  Here y’are.”


Kevin the Bartender:  “Well, here he is again!  Your usual?”

Michael:  “Indeed, Kevin.  Please deliver three shots of Jameson and three beers.”

Kevin the Bartender:  “As ya wish.  Here y’are.”


Kevin the Bartender:  “Say…, Michael.  Might I ask ya a question?”

Michael:  “By all means, Kevin.  M’life’s and open book.”

Kevin the Bartender:  “You’ve been commin’ here for weeks now, and … well, I been wonderin’ why ya always order three shots and three beers all together like y’do, instead of just orderin’ them and drinkin’ them one at a time like most folks do.  Just seems a bit odd, if y’don’t mind my sayin’ so.”

Michael:  “Well, Kevin, y’see, m’two older brothers are commissioned abroad in military service – hazardous duty, no less!  The three of us have always been inseparable since our beloved parents passed away, many years ago when us three brothers was just wee lads.  Now that my two brothers are away, I miss them dearly.  So, whenever I come to the pub, I set up the three rounds like that in remembrance of them, as if the three of us was here together still.”

Kevin the Bartender:  (teary eyed) “That’s very moving, lad … Sláinte!”

10:30AM, one week later

Kevin the Bartender:  “Greetings, Michael!  Three Jameson, three beers, comin’ right up.”

Michael:  “Just two shots and two beers today, Kevin.”

Kevin the Bartender:  “Merciful God, Michael!  Has one of yer brothers been killed in the line of duty?”

Michael:  “Oh no, Kevin.  By the grace of God, both of m’brothers are just as fine as can be.”

Kevin the Bartender:  “So, why then just two shots and two beers?”

Michael:  “Well, Kevin, after much consideration, I’ve decided that I should stop drinkin’.”

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3 Responses to Sláinte!

  1. Matth-hew says:

    When you see through the “I-thought”, there are still other people out there?

  2. No, you should have said “out here;” correct?

  3. Luca says:

    Wow. Each time I read this I get something new. Inside the humor is a multi-layer allegory involving numbers, loyalty, death, identity and barley-malt. I’m hoping that you’ll break it down at some point. But for now, It’s my new favorite koan.

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