Who is Aware of What?


If you were just standing around, let’s say perhaps on a street corner waiting for the cross-light and suddenly,  without warning your head was totally and cleanly severed off by a skillful and unseen ninja, would “you” drop with your body or plop with your head?


If you were to actually sell your soul to the Devil and a bill-of-sale was prepared, the Devil would obviously be the buyer but who exactly would the seller be?  Or, if you were to lose your mind, who, in the real sense, would be the actual loser?


In the Kunzang Monlam (the self-prayer of reality) it says that awareness and unawareness are the two illusions that co-emerge from the timeless Ground-of-All.  Dzogchen (the reality of our truly being just this) can be understood then to be a condition more fundamental than any possible duality, including and especially, Samsara and Nirvana.  In the tradition of the Dzogchen teachings passed down from Garab Dorje, a direct exposure to this primordial condition is set up between master and apprentice.  Some particularly receptive students may require no further information.  Most will likely need to commence some remedial work in order to stabilize a real-time, felt-cognizance of the primordial experience.  Specific methods are generally also needed in order to integrate the primordial experience with the various details of life.  In the Dzogchen method this work on stabilization and integration is the actual practice.  It can involve formulaic yogic techniques that work specifically with the six senses or it can be free-style.

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